Saturday, August 11, 2007

Site Sales Evaluation Tips

· Make effective use of Product Guarantees and Privacy Policy

· Give the visitor confidence in the security of giving their credit card information

· Provide readily available pricing, shipping, taxes and other critical information

· Make it quick and easy to find product desired

· Provide feedback to confirm that the order has been received

· Use an effective page layout

· Provide the ability to go back and edit the purchase order

· Provide an intuitive and obvious ordering procedure

· Provide perception of fast download speed, response speed

· Provide search results appear in a usable and user-friendly format

· Overall usability and user-friendliness

· Provide Appealing colors and graphics

· Provide easy methods for exchanging or returning products

· Provide natural categories and/or sections that make it easy to browse and find the product

· Provide the ability to purchase without having to register

· Assurance that personal information will not be sold or given to others